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With headquarters in South Florida, United States, Charter Wind is one of the leading providers within the private jet rentals industry. Our professional staff have a passion for surpassing expectations and will go to great lengths to tailor each private charter to your specific itinerary, timing and budget. Our emphasis is on quality of service and safety. We are a dedicated team priding ourselves on getting to know clients’ individual requirements, and our reputation results in the majority of our business coming from personal recommendation and long term clients. Considering our unrivaled access to the world’s largest fleet of aircraft, our commitment to service and extensive experience, we make a pretty powerful team to have on your side in the world of aviation.

VIP Charters
It’s a fact that high-profile or famous clients require extra discretion and security. At Charter Wind we understand this very well. We charter to some of the world’s most famous actors, musicians and professional sports athletes traveling abroad. We offer you:

  • Ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity
  • You will have a personal Account Manager to plan every single detail of your trip
  • Offer a full range of aircraft affording unadorned luxury and uncompromising service
  • Work with your security personnel or implement tailor- made security measures
  • Use the most convenient airports for you
  • You can arrive and board just minutes before take-off We have vast experience handling the travel logistics of VIP passengers, providing the kind of business that’s geared to keeping private life and public movements protected when the needs arise.
Executive Charters
No matter if the trip is short or long, your itinerary will be tailor made to your specifications. Fly at a time that is convenient for you, from the airport that suits you or to the most favorable destination. We also provide customized services for you; Such as gourmet food, luxury rental cars, limos, luxury villas rental, yacht charters or any other amenity you request during the flight. Direct flights to the nearest airport available Avoid delays or transfers at congested airports Flexible schedules adjusted by you Communications and luxury on board. For international flights, we may be in charge of customs permits or airport services. We can even arrange personal security services if we deem them necessary.
Leisure Charters
Our Caribbean division, located in South Florida specializes in arranging private flights to the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean islands. The service we give and the satisfaction to our customers is incomparable. From small airplanes of 5 passengers to jets, we are proud to offer you first class treatment and assistance on each of our flights. Choose the destination: The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, San Tomas, Barbados, Punta Cana, La Romana. Explore the islands of the Bahamas and the Caribbean, adhere to the richness of its history, folklore, culture and cuisine. Hundreds of beautiful islands, with miles of turquoise blue beaches waiting for you.
Group Charters
Large groups of people can enjoy the luxury and comfort of a wide cockpit plane totally for them either for personal or corporate use. Charter Wind provides a wide selection of charter planes around the world for groups of any size, so if you are organizing an incentive trip or launching a new product or annual conference, then contact us and ask us about all the details of our services . Corporate or incentive travel Sports teams or their fans Personnel Logistics or Crew Changes Orchestral Charters Music Tours VIP groups Personnel movements for oil companies.
Cargo Charters
Our experienced team will work hand in hand with you to find the right aircraft for the cargo you need to mobilize. No matter whether it is a small package or a very large one, our staff will evaluate your options taking into account the size of the cargo and the budget allocated to the assignment to select – according to the legal requirements and the industry – which is the aircraft More appropriate for the task. Charter Wind specializes in:

  • Dangerous loads.
  • Heavy or large loads.
  • Burden of aid to assist disasters.
  • Goods that are perishable or that need to be kept fresh.
  • Urgent charges
  • Transport of animals
  • We are committed to providing the most cost-effective solution to your freight problems by offering you support around the world with our worldwide operators.
Air Ambulance

CharterWind provides critical care aircrafts that are specially equipped to monitor and aid injured or ill patients. A well-trained medical team will also be provided on the air ambulance to aid and care for the patient. Common equipment onboard are:

  •  Cardiac Monitor with Defibrillator and External Pacemaker
  • Invasive line monitoring equipment
  • Pulse oximetry and CO2 Capnography
  • Adult and pediatric advanced airway equipment
  • LTV 1200 ventilator with BiPAP capability
  • Long distance 2000 psi oxygen tanks
  • IVAC 3 channel infusion pumps
  • ALS and PALS medication and supplies
  • Chest decompression kits
  • Electrical inverter
  • Suction units

Close family members of the patient are also welcome on the flight.

Sports Event Charters

CharterWind offers private airplanes for any type of sports team, from high schoolers to Olympian athletes. We offer contracts for tour dates or on-demand jet flights. Our jet advisors will coordinate to provide the perfect charter jet for the team and any sporting equipment that may need to be brought onboard.  Our team will also assist with onboard catering and entertainment, and we guarantee extended privacy and safety for the team.