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One of the major concerns travelers encounter when flying private is “how much luggage can I bring onboard?”. We all know the common stress of weight limitations on luggage or having to watch the ounces on your liquids when flying on a commercial flight, with CharterWind you can skip the headaches. One of the many benefits of flying on a private charter is that baggage limitations are not as restricted as commercial flights. Since our passengers have the advantage of choosing the size of the aircraft according to distance and number of passengers, the baggage space varies.  Due to the fact that access to your luggage space is determined by what kind of aircraft you will be flying in, your belongings can be stored in the main cabin or outside the airplane or even a mixture of both. Our clients are welcome to bring any goods they please, from golfing clubs to baby strollers, with no extra fees. Another great advantage of flying on a private charter is that you won’t need to check any bags, so no more wasting time on waiting for your luggage to come out a treadmill. You will still need to go through a security check, but it is nowhere near as tedious as when flying with a commercial airline, so don’t worry about removing your shoes or belt.  If you are flying with heavy items or have any special luggage requirements, our assistance will be granted upon request. Our clients are welcome to travel with what they please as long as it fits on the aircraft safely. For the sake of our passengers’ safety and satisfaction, please allow us to properly plan ahead by contacting CharterWind if you have any questions of concerns on what you would like to bring aboard the airplane.

  • Turbo props and light jets hold five or six pieces of luggage
  • Mid-sized jet charters hold seven to eight pieces
  • Super mid-sized aircraft hold nine or 10 baggage items
  • Heavy charter jets can handle up to 20 large suitcases
  • Charter airlines have capacities similar to commercial airlines