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Private Aircraft Entertainment:

Flying private has always held the upper hand when it comes to passenger satisfaction during travel. Commercial flights and its first-class packages are just a partial portion of what flying on a private aircraft could offer a client. Entertainment is a fundamental part of this wonderful. Private charters not only offer their clients a pre-set flying experience with all the basic passenger needs covered, but at the same time, charters offer their clients the flexibility of choosing and arranging what experiences they want to have during their flight, CharterWind is happy to carefully customize to meet our passenger’s needs and satisfaction.

Various Entertainment:

Music and movies are a fundamental part of our entertainment option. Before and during the flight passengers are free to play music or movies, through headphones or the aircraft’s premium surround system. A request before flight is always available if you wish to have a special entertainment suggestion. Our private flight team is always open to ideas for any type of entertainment travelers would like to encounter.


Private charters are always on the latest trend when it comes to technology, providing their customers with the most advanced gadgets. With the user of high-speed Wi-Fi, customers will have a dedicated and fast internet speed to impulse any of their technological gadgets, from laptops to personal iPad, it is safe to say they will be connected to the internet without any interference. Private planes also have TV screens called ‘airshows’ to not only play movies or even video games, but customers are also able to view their flight routes and information.


Can I throw a party on a private jet?

CharterWind guarantees our customers not only a safe and luxurious journey but we strive to meet our passenger’s satisfaction and enjoyment. Passengers have the luxury to choose how they want to enjoy their flight, whether its relaxation or party-it-up, the choice is yours. Our private jets are stocked with open bar and a premium surround system which are fundamental assets to top entertainment and amusement. Keeping in mind that safety is our top priority, fees may apply if anything on the aircraft is damaged or flawed. In the event that our travelers want to throw a party on the aircraft we are please to assist with any choice of beverages or catering that they please. For more information on dining and consumption on the aircraft click here

“Alaska Airlines’ WiFi Inflight logo on the side of their plane at LAX” by Shane Becker is licensed under CC BY 2.0