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Flying Private has always held the upper hand when it comes to passenger satisfaction during travel. CharterWind transcends the standard offerings of commercial flights and first-class packages by prioritizing a key element: entertainment. We go beyond providing pre-set experiences, we offer our clients the flexibility of choosing what experiences they want to have during their flight. At CharterWind, we diligently tailor our services to gratify our passengers’ unique preferences.

Various Entertainment

Entertainment on our charters goes beyond the standard fare of music and movies. We offer passengers the autonomy to decide the ambiance during their flight with our premium surround sound system. We welcome pre-flight requests for specific entertainment preferences, inviting our passengers to shape their in-flight experience. Our dedicated team is always open to new ideas for any type of entertainment travelers would like to encounter.


CharterWind is not just ahead of trends in service but also in technology. We provide our passengers with cutting-edge technology, including a dedicated and fast internet speed to impulse any of their technological gadgets, from laptops to personal iPad, without interference. Our private jets also have TV screens called ‘airshows’ to not only play movies or even video games, but customers are also able to view their flight routes and information.

Can I throw a party on a private jet?

We prioritize safety and luxury while centering our passengers’ satisfaction and enjoyment. You have the liberty to fashion your flight experience, whether it’s for relaxation or a lively celebration. Our private jets feature an open bar and a premium surround sound system, setting the stage for top-tier entertainment. We ensure our passengers’ enjoyment is balanced with care for the aircraft. If a mid-air party is your preference, we are more than ready to assist with beverage or catering selections. For more details on in-flight dining and consumption, please refer to our comprehensive guide.

Discover the exceptional caliber of CharterWind’s private air charter entertainment and transform your journey into a captivating experience. From your favorite music and movies to high-tech amenities, we ensure an immersive journey like no other.

“Alaska Airlines’ WiFi Inflight logo on the side of their plane at LAX” by Shane Becker is licensed under CC BY 2.0