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When you book a private flight be aware of the fact that you are skipping the hassle and stress of commercial airlines and airports. Please keep in mind the proper etiquette that it is expected from our passengers. Whether it is a business trip or for simply for a family get-away, it I important to understand the protocol.  Here are 10 unspoken rules that frequent private flyers go by that may benefit your first impression.

  1. Arrive on time: one of the many advantages of flying on a private jet is avoiding the lines and all the people that fly on commercial airlines. When flying on your own private plane we wait on you instead, with that in mind please arrive on time, approximately 15-30 minutes before departure. Also, it is important to keep a good image and show good manners, not only by arriving on time but also greeting the flight crew.
  2. What to wear: When flying on a private jet it is important to follow dress code according to the purpose of your flight. If you are flying for a business purpose keep in mind the attire that is expected, especially if your flight was booked by someone else. If you are flying for leisure, feel free to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable. We recommend to avoid overdressing and limit the amount of perfume.
  3. Where to sit: Yes, there is an unspoken rule on where to sit on a charter plane. Although seats are not assigned, if you did not pay for the flight yourself allow the host to board the plane first in order for them to pick a favorable seat.
  4. Easy on the booze: Watch your alcohol intake upon arriving on the aircraft. Drink responsibly before and during your flight, in order to avoid embarrassing mishaps.
  5. Table Manners: Know where you are and why you are there, table manners and eating habits say a lot about a person, we encourage our passengers to savor and enjoy the catering that is provided but watch the manners and avoid overindulging.
  6. Bathrooms: We highly recommend keeping the lavatories clean, remember there are only a small amount of people on the aircraft so we know who did it.
  7. Behave: It is a luxury to be able to fly on a private plane, which makes it tempting to want to take pictures for your Instagram. Feel free to take pictures to a certain extent. It is easy to spot who are the first timers and who are frequent flyers, keep your “OOHs” and “AHHs” to yourself.
  8. Chatting: We guarantee that your pilot will be a friendly host, feel free to talk to the pilot and flight crew AFTER the plane has taken off accordingly and is at flight level.
  9. Kids: If you are flying with small children, make sure to bring all sorts of toys and entertainment in order to avoid distractions from the flight crew and for everyone to enjoy a relaxing trip.
  10. Pets: If you plan to bring a furry friend on board, watch their liquid intakes to avoid accidents.