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Embarking on a private flight isn’t just about comfort and luxury; it also entails adhering to a specific set of unwritten guidelines that can ensure your trip is as seamless and pleasurable as possible. At CharterWind, we understand the importance of these subtle norms, and this comprehensive guide is designed to familiarize you with the ten essential rules often followed by seasoned private flyers.

  1. Punctuality is paramount: Private flying is synonymous with convenience, but that doesn’t mean you should throw punctuality out of the window. Arriving 15-30 minutes prior to your departure not only helps you get settled but also shows respect towards your flight crew. As you board, take the time to greet the crew members. It’s a simple act that goes a long way in establishing a friendly and professional relationship for the duration of your flight.
  2. What to wear: The dress code for private flights typically mirrors the purpose of your trip. Business trips may require a smart-casual look, while leisure trips give you the freedom to opt for maximum comfort. Avoid excessively formal attire or strong fragrances, which could make other passengers uncomfortable.
  3. Where to sit: Although private charters don’t assign seating, the unwritten rule suggests that the host (or the person covering the trip expenses) boards first and chooses their preferred seat. This gesture of courtesy sets the tone for the entire journey.
  4. Easy on the Booze: While private flights allow you to enjoy a range of alcoholic beverages, remember to consume responsibly. Keeping your consumption moderate not only ensures a pleasant atmosphere on board but also helps prevent any unwanted incidents that could mar the flight experience for you or your co-passengers.
  5. Table etiquette: Private flying offers gourmet dining experiences, making good table manners crucial. Savor your meals, avoid overindulgence, and maintain decorum at the dining table.
  6. Restroom: Cleanliness in the lavatory is essential, given the limited number of passengers on board. Keeping the lavatory clean shows respect for your co-passengers and flight crew.
  7. Behave: It is a luxury to be able to fly on a private plane, which makes it tempting to want to take pictures for your Instagram. Feel free to take pictures to a certain extent. It is easy to spot who are the first timers and who are frequent flyers
  8. Conversation with the flight crew: While it’s perfectly fine to engage in conversation with the flight crew, ensure it’s done once the plane has taken off and reached cruising altitude. This timing respects the crew’s responsibilities during take-off and landing.
  9. Traveling with children: If you’re traveling with children, ensure they have enough entertainment options to keep them occupied and quiet. This preparation ensures a serene journey for all passengers.
  10. Traveling with pets: Make sure your pet’s fluid intake is carefully monitored to avoid any onboard mishaps. This attention to detail ensures a comfortable journey for both your pet and your fellow passengers

Ready to embark on your first private flight? Embrace these ten crucial etiquette tips to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey. Should you have any more queries or concerns about your upcoming private flight, please feel free to reach out to CharterWind. We are committed to making your private flying experience as smooth and pleasurable as possible.


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