Myth 1: Unless you’re a fortune 500 company, private business aviation is not an option; a waste of money with no value on return other than luxury.

Not true. According to aviation official and nimble travel, private jets provide a secure environment facilitating business discussion without the fear of eavesdropping. However, the greatest benefit for small-mid businesses is that private travel allows the transportation of equipment which public airlines typically deny; the business product if it does not meet airline specification.


Myth 2: Private jet travel is only affordable for the very rich.

True, but not entirely. Private jet travel does typically facilitate A-listers in their voyage to charity events, concert venues or even global holiday trips. While this is the general consensus with private jets, there are opportunities to get your hands on one if you time it correctly and to the right place. Most private charter companies agree that light jet aircrafts typically cost $3,000 an hour with the condition of two hours daily minimum. This means that a flight from New York to Washington D.C. should come out to be around the $6,000. Although this mark is still above the standard first-class ticket, it is not an outrageous amount that only the stupidly rich can afford.

Furthermore, is you’re a person who hones on bargains get used to the phrase, empty leg. Empty leg is the concept of when a private jet flies a client from one location to another, however on the way back has no clients. The reason empty legs are valuable is such that because these flights have no clients, tickets usually sell at a below the market price. They are really hard to come across, but if you’re one for value and want to try a private jet, learn the routes and spot the empty legs.


Myth 3: Private jets are unsafe.

This myth seems to be circulating quite a lot, the question of whether private jets are unsafe, especially when compared to airlines. It’s probably not surprising to find week in and out a crash involving a small aircraft. Well the answer is, the myth is false, these days there are many regulations in placed to ensure all pilots have acquired sufficient air time experience with the necessary training before their first flight with a client. Besides the regulatory documents to ensure a flight on a private jet upholds top safety, it also comes down to the provider/agency to which you fly with. Charter Wind upholds this safety incorporating security into its four core factors. “Commitment to best practices in pilot training and experience … flawless safety histories … serving our clients”, acquired from the websites About Us page.