Fly private in the USA and get to some of the most interesting places you will ever see in North America and Canada.


Each of these cities have private or executive airports easily accessible and at Charterwind we can make sure you make your trip to the USA very memorable. From sea to shining sea the USA has some of the best places you can visit to enjoy amazing sites and unforgettable experiences.

  1. Miami, Florida, USA
    Miami Beach ocean front buildings.

    Miami Beach ocean front buildings.

    Miami is one of the best go-to-spots in the United States by far. A city that never sleeps, Miami is a perfect destination for tourists that one to get a glance of many different culture, its cuisines and partying styles. Known by its beaches and nightlife, Miami is home to many artists that if you get lucky, you might see as you are walking Downtown or taking a bath at Miami Beach. While in this amazing city, visitors will have the chance to enjoy amazing cuisine from different countries all in one, restaurants offer Colombian, Venezuela, Brazilian and Cuban food almost all the time. During the day visitors could always enjoy a visit to Miami’s amazing beaches along with the famously known street Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive is always filled with luxurious cars, exotic restaurants and the hottest nightclubs in the United States. If you are feeling artsy you can always go and visit Miami’s art District Wynwood. Wynwood not only offers its visitors a plethora of street art but many bars and recreational places for its visitors to enjoy at night or during the day. Lastly, tourists can always head to the Bayside, a perfect spot near the sea that offers boat rides and amazing restaurants filled with local music among some other fun activities


2. New York City, New York, USA

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New York City, of the greatest cities in the United States and home to the greatest number of visitors in the United States, is filled with great traditional American locations to visit. Starting with the Grand Central Station, a building that is just not visited to catch a train but to enjoy the amazing architecture of the place and to brag to your friends that you visited one of the most used locations by the filming industry. Right after the Grand Central Station, travelers can go to the globally known Broadway and its Shows, Mamma Mia, The Lion King, among others are many of the pieces that are played at Broadway by the most talented artists in the industry. As you are getting out of Broadway, you can always head to the 9/11 memorial to pay respects to the ones that died on such tragic day, New Yorkers have built a beautiful monument on such location to honor those who perished. As you are traveling through the city, chances are that you are always going to be looking up, New York City is home to the majority of Skyscrapers in the state. The “Concrete Jungle” as many names it, is an astonishing modern view for many foreign. Whole in NYC, visitors can always visit the famous Statue of Liberty, a symbol of peace and prosperity that watches over the sea protecting the people in the United States of America. If you want to see nature within the city, there’s no other place like Central Park, this abundant “jungle” offers its visitors peace and tranquility from the noisy city, perfect spot to relax on the grass, read a book and enjoy a healthy lunch. We couldn’t leave Times Square out of the itinerary, one of the brightest spots in our planet when looked from space, Times Square is a show of lights, ads, people and dynamic energy all in one place.


  • Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Chicago's most famous attraction, The Bean

    Chicago’s most famous attraction, The Bean

Although called “The Second City” Chicago is a great place to live and visit with your family if you want to have a great time with amazing museums, nice beaches, great cuisine and astonishing theaters. Chicago is home to 23 Michelin starred restaurants and top chefs from around the world. You can always enjoy the deep-dish pizza or the Chicago-style hot dogs all around the city, or you could always visit its Italian or Chinese restaurants located all over the place. One of Chicago’s most famous locations is Grant Park, nicknamed “The city’s front yard” this 319-acre location is home to all the majors events happening in Chicago, within it visitors will encounter Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain and the Campus Museum, which holds various Museums like the Art Museum, the Aquatic Museum and the Field Museum. If you get to visit Chicago during summer, the Grant Park is always offering amazing festivals filled with culture and good food, free events like the Taste of Chicago (world’s largest outdoor food event) or concerts like Lollapalooza which attract around 300,000 people all around the world. Having enjoyed this amazing event, visitors could always head after out to explore amazing multi-cultural neighborhood’s like Greek town, Chinatown and Little Italy and enjoy the festivals happening within these mini-cities. Chicago offers 15 unique beaches around its shoreline, these beaches are open to families and even pets, often time you’ll find parties happening there or if you are feeling like reading a book and resting, there’s also quiet beaches to enjoy


  • Los Angeles, California, USA:
    Los Angeles Hollywood street.

    Los Angeles Hollywood street.

    Los Angeles enjoys one of the best weathers all year around in the United States, home to diverse selection of food and culture all within the same room, LA has to be one of the hottest destinations for many tourists around the world. Los Angeles enjoys a great diversity in its culture, offering restaurants from many ethnicities, the food in Los Angeles is one of the best in the world Neighborhood’s such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Little Ethiopia and Korea Town represent part of the many cultures and its perks. Los Angeles enjoys more than 70 miles of coastline, this allows the city to have many beaches like Santa Monica Venice Beach or Malibu. Los Angeles also enjoys one of the most marvelous and dynamic theater scene in the United States places such as The Geffen Playhouse, The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, and the Mark Taper Forum are some of many you will encounter in your journey. Hiking is also one of the activities Los Angeles offers, visitors could always travel to Griffith Park, a 4000-acre park located in the center of the city that offers its visitors many hiking spots. Hiking fanatics could always take it a step further and venture in a short bus ride to Malibu State Park to practice their hiking skills.  Once in LA, always keep an eye open for its festivals, Vegan Food & Beer Fest, L.A. Food and Wine, theater-centric Fringe Fest, and the L.A Book Fair are some of many happening all year.


  • San Francisco, California, USA:
    San Fransisco's most infamous attraction, The Golden Gate Bridge.

    San Fransisco’s most infamous attraction, The Golden Gate Bridge.

    San Francisco although similar to L.A, it also has its unique qualities and rich folklore. To begin with, one of the most popular spots to visit in S.F is Alcatraz, located in the Middle of San Francisco Bay, what is was formerly known as one of the most impenetrable and rigorous jails in the world, is now a popular museum to visit with your loved ones. One of the most unique qualities about S.F is its cable cars, introduced in 1873, this traditional form of traveling around the city is still used today by many locals in S.F, this feature is a great display of how history could travel through time and still be used in an advantageous way. Golden Gate park offers its visitors 412-acres of bicycle trails, equestrian trails, baseball softball diamonds, volleyball courts, beautiful fountains and great places to rest and chill with your friends. The Golden Gate Park is home to the California Academy of Science museum, which offers its visitors a top of the line aquarium and the world’s largest planetarium among other fun activities


  • Toronto, Canada USA:
    Toronto's Beautiful down town, including the famous CN Tower.

    Toronto’s Beautiful down town, including the famous CN Tower.

    An always-evolving and innovating city, Toronto usually flies under the radar when compared to other cities such as Vancouver, but that shouldn’t stop its visitors from visiting the great city of Toronto which offers many attractions and activities whom have yet to be found by travelers. The Aga Khan and Ismaili Centre is a great place that showcases its visitor’s science, artistic and intellectual accomplishments of the Islamic religion. One of its many attractions is the widely famous 16th-century paintings from the Persian Book of Kings and the manuscript Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine. If you are all in for art and folklore, the Kensington Market is the perfect spot for you, this spot is one of the most multi-cultural locations that offers a wide array of different foods, from Italian to French and Jamaican, the Kensington Market is a great neighborhood that not only offers food but a bohemian environment with many local food markets and festivals.


  • Vancouver, Canada:
    Science World at TELUS World of Science

    Science World at TELUS World of Science

    If what you are looking for is a big city, filled with fun, stunning nature and friendly locals then look no further because Vancouver is the city for you this year. Having been categorized as one of the most picturesque cities in the world, Vancouver is surrounded by a panoramic view of glacial Mountains. During winter, Vancouver visitors are always welcome to visit many of its resorts to enjoy skiing on these mountains as well as its view Cypress, Grouse, and Seymour are close by the mountains, while Whistler is only a two-hour drive away from this beautiful scene. Even though, Vancouver is surrounded with all this nature, it is still a cosmopolitan city, the city is filled with great restaurants, top of the line hotels and many skyscrapers that hold important business meetings all year long. If you are interested in galleries, head over to the Vancouver Art Gallery, to enjoy top of the line art from many cultures. After that, visitors could also head over to the Vancouver Symphony where many shows happen on the daily and if you are a sports fan you can always pass by the Canucks, Whitecaps, or BC Lions’ stadiums. A 400-hectare rainforest named Stanley Park is also one of the main attractions in Vancouver. A big park that only offers its nature is almost impossible to cover in just one day, go there with your family or friends for a bike ride away from the noisy city at any time of the day.


  • Washington DC, USA:
    The United Sates Capitol

    The United Sates Capitol

    Washington is not only known for being the political center of the United States but also it offers a wide array of activities for its visitors. The city holds along 20 to 30 museums which include the National Air and Space Museums, the Museum of National History and the Museum of American History; all of these just miles away from each other. When visiting these locations, you don’t have to worry about paying for them since the majority are free of admission, so you will be enjoying high-end exhibition at the cost of nothing. Something else that attracts visitors to Washington its amazing food, from local Hispanic food trucks that offer, empanadas, tamales etc. to people’s favorite ‘We the Pizza’ in Capitol Hill, and ‘Pesce’ in Dupont Circle. Georgetown is the main reason many people go to Washington besides to visit the White House; the small University Town is home to many unique establishments that have nothing to do with the city. Georgetown bakery is one of the most popular of these establishments home of the TV show D.C. Cupcakes and Ri Ra Bar. Another location will be the river where you can rent boats to the Key Bridge Boathouse to have an adventure in the river. Last but not least, one of the main attractions of the cities is its tours.  You can always book a two day trolley to visit famous cites like Capitol Hill, The White House, The Lincoln Memorial and the National Archives, if what you are looking for is not history, there’s always other tours like the D.C. and Movies Site tour that takes you to places where many movies have been filmed, Wedding Crashers, Forrest Gump and Bones among others will be in the itinerary


  • Houston, Texas, USA:

    The Beautiful Downtown area of Houston Texas during sunset

    The Beautiful Downtown area of Houston Texas during sunset

Houston is nationally recognized for its shopping centers, dining, entertainment and nightlife. But the best part about Houston is that many of its attractions are free most of the time. Found right next to the Shepherd School of Music on the Rice College campus, the acoustically designed magnum opus is named “Twilight Epiphany” much obliged to a trippy Driven light grouping. It ventures onto and through the structure’s open roof fair some time recently dawn and at nightfall. Cash isn’t required, but reservations are. If what you are looking for is a chill picnic then the open-air Mill Operator Open Air Theater puts on energetic arrange preparations — think live jazz, expressive dance, and melodic theater — that are completely cool and completely free. It exceptionally clearly draws a swarm, so connect that swarm beside a cover, a few boxed wine & exotic cheeses, and your super-impressed visitor of choice. Within the low season, an excursion at Downtown’s urban stop, Disclosure Green, is another shrewd choice.



  • Montreal Canada:
    Montreal is very known for its European style buildings

    Montreal is very known for its European style buildings

    There is bounty of reasons to visit Montreal. From energetic celebrations and scrumptious nourishment to the captivating history and dynamic expressions and culture scene, they all grant the city a parcel of its character. Montreal is genuinely a city of celebrations. From music to craftsmanship to writing, cinema, move, and more, there’s nearly continuously something energizing happening within the city. You’ll need to check out the Quartier des Spectacles, in specific, a zone near to downtown Montreal committed to facilitating celebrations and excitement all through the year. The Quartier des Spectacles is composed of different open spaces, counting both indoor and open air stages. One of the city’s most celebrated occasions is the Montreal Worldwide Jazz Celebration, the largest of its kind within the world. On the off chance that you adore craftsmanship, culture, history, and science, Montreal offers plenty to keep you joyfully possessed. For case, the Musée d’Art Contemporain (the modern craftsmanship historical center) has a assortment of shows, whereas the Montreal Gallery of Fine Expressions exhibits the most excellent craftsmanship, paleontology, and relics from around the globe. There are various other art and history galleries, and if you’re inquisitive about the characteristic world, you’ll check out the kid-friendly and interconnected Biosphere, Planetarium, and Insectarium. Montrealers are known for their varied fashion, and the city offers a wide assortment of retail goals to coordinate. You’ll begin at the Eaton Middle shopping center downtown, and after that head west along Regret Sainte-Catherine and meander through the more than 1,200 upscale chain stores, department stores, and boutiques that line the road. The city is additionally domestic to awesome vintage shopping openings, particularly along Boulevard Saint-Laurent—all the way from Chinatown to Mile End.