1) Bogota, Colombia

The beautiful Colombian flag.

The beautiful Colombian flag.

Bogota is divided into 20 different districts and zones. At the center of Bogota or you will locate the history of the city with its museums and parks, on the East, visitors will see the soccer stadiums and rural areas, on the North we will have the business side of the city as well as the residencies of some well-known artists and personalities. Bogota is the best location to start up your trip in Colombia. An accessible destination from every state of the United States that gives you access to the country of Colombia and its rich culture and activities. Bogota is one of the safest destinations in Colombia with access to many high-end hotels that offer you and your family their best comforts. Being the largest city in Colombia, it holds a vast multicultural population that will offer its visitors a mixture of modern and contemporary food menus and architectures. These architectonical buildings are one of the most impressive in all Latin America, the sanctuaries of Monserrate and Guadalupe combined with the green of Bogota’s parks form a perfect image that attracts the eye of many tourists around the world. The gourmet on the city is also phenomenal, due to Bogota’s rich mixture of cultures from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Once there, visitors will be pleased to find different cuisines ranging from Chinese rice to Japanese Sushi and Italian bread. In addition, not only Bogota enjoys of all these restaurants. Multiple times throughout the year, Colombia’s capital fills itself with many people from across the world to attend its festivals. Happening at El Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar, the streets fill with people dancing, array of foods and costumes as well as a variety of different cultures at display. Bogota gives its people a wide variety of fun at night, nightclubs for all ages and tastes, many of the famous ones like Escobar y Rosas with its busy dance floor or Zona Rosa with the cinema and bar are just one ticket away from Colombians and tourists

2) Buenos Aires, Argentina

'El Caminito' is a very popular tourist spot, known for being Buenos Aires most colorful street.

‘El Caminito’ is a very popular tourist spot, known for being Buenos Aires most colorful street.

The city of Buenos Aires and capital of Argentina is located by the Atlantic Ocean Coast near the Rio La Plata. The city has its name because of the “good winds” that brought the colonizers upon such land. Buenos Aires is the most populated city in Argentina, 10 million people live in its urban area, making Buenos Aires one of the most populated cities in the world when it comes to a metropolitan area. Within the many attraction the city offers, Buenos Aires is most recognized for being one of the theater capital of the world, Corrientes Avenue or widely known as “the street that never sleeps” is the place of birth of many international recognized artists and actors. Teatro Colon is one of the most recognized opera theaters in the world with its acoustics considered among the top globally along Broadway. Filled with traditional and picturesque neighborhoods, Buenos Aires distinguish itself from other cities around Latin America due to its evolution through the years. Footprints left by immigration are seen everywhere, the popular tango, the folklore, the soccer culture and festivals make Buenos Aires emblem.



3) Lima, Peru

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The beautiful city of Lima is a mixture of contemporary and modern metropolis. The city is known for its large areas of colonial structures that are well-known spots for all tourists around the globe whom visit Lima to dig more into its rich history. Having been colonized by Spain, Lima has plenty of ancient history within its walls; fantastic churches, monasteries, castles, and mansions are spread across the area. In addition to its architecture, Lima also offers its visitors one of the best food in the country, thanks to Lima’s mixed cultures of Spaniards and Indigenous culture, the city offers wonderful assortments of ingredients on its plates. A well-crowded metropolis, Lima makes for one quarter of Peru’s 30 million people. A city full of history, dances, charisma and cuisine, Lima is an amazing destination for many visitors around the globe. The first recommendation many get when visit Lima is to attend the Miraflores District, in here, visitors will get the pleasure of enjoy green park, restaurants, malls, cafes and beaches where you can drink while enjoying the ocean at your feet. After this, travelers could head to Lima’s old town, this location goes from Plaza de Armas to Plaza San Martin and holds all of Peru Colonial history and traditional art. In addition, near old town visitors will stumble upon the Barranco District, a perfect location to enjoy local art.

4) Quito, Ecuador

Beautiful park view of the

Beautiful park view of the “Plaza de Independencia”

The city of Quito is a perfect example of man and nature coming together at the same location. When Quito was established, the colonizers found a perfect balance between the beautiful and green jungles of Ecuador and a new starting civilization which would become Quito in the future. Just like many other Latin American cities, Quito is a mix of modern-day and traditional culture. Quito keeps its colonial atmosphere all around the city, beautiful gardens, fountains, houses with balconies and colonial streets form what it is to be the most traditional city in South America. The colonial city with its beautiful museums is surrounded by mountains, attracting many around the world to see its topographical distribution along the area. Located in the enormous plateau right next to the Pichincha volcano, Quito is a go to place for many volcano and nature fanatics who travel to Quito with the objective of not only seeing the Pichincha but many other non-active Volcanoes that during the day are perfect to observe due to the snow that covers them. The Cathedral of Quito is one of the biggest religious monuments around the Globe, praised to be one of the largest spiritual locations by the Pope. The main attraction of Quito without any doubts is its center, yes, the center of the Equator. Categorized to be the largest and least-altered historic places the world, the museum is located just south of the equator and it is named “la mitad del mundo” or the middle of the world.

5) São Paulo, Brazil

Soccer fanatic, supporting Brazil. Brazil is the number one country for soccer.

Soccer fanatic, supporting Brazil. Brazil is the number one country for soccer.

São Paulo is Brazil’s largest city and one of the 7 biggest in the whole world. A favorable destination to many businessman and companies around the world as well as travelers seeking for sunny beaches and festive carnivals. Having 20 million people on its metropolitan area and a GDP comparable to those of Colombia and Portugal, it is safe to say that the city thrives in its commerce and modernity. The city is rich on its history and culture, giving its visitors an unforgettable taste of what Brazil and South American entitle. Located in the Southeastern area of Brazil, São Paulo is known around the world for its random weather between rain showers and summer sun. Its mix of Japanese, Lebanese, Italian and Arab neighborhood’s give the city many cultural colors which bring life to the city’s cuisine and parties. Sampa, as it is called by its citizens, offers travelers immensity and fun activities all across the day, the city is always alive from morning to evening, trendy restaurants, glamorous nightclubs, crowded plazas and hot beaches are just some of the many destinations to enjoy São Paulo.


6) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

'Christ the Redeemer' is the most famous attraction in Rio de Janeiro.

‘Christ the Redeemer’ is the most famous attraction in Rio de Janeiro.

The dynamic city of Rio de Janeiro is the face of Brazil when it comes to tourism and popularity across the globe. The vibrant city offers an array of cultures to its visitors, ranging from Eastern European culture to local civilizations. Rio, as it is commonly recognized within its citizens, is the 2nd largest city in Brazil and 3rd in Latin America. Its weather is hot all around the year with its rain season happening from the periods of December to March. Thanks to its coastal plateau, Rio enjoys old breezes from the Atlantic Ocean as well as the saline scent from the beaches. Just like Quito, the city is mixed with its nature, attracting many film writers and artists around the world for inspirations and filming. The Sugarloaf Mountain is one of the main attractions of Rio, located at a favorable location within Guanabara Bay, it allows its visitors to have a perfect look all over Rio and its beauty, especially at night. In addition, the beach at Ipanema is known for its amazing sand and overwhelming positive people. It is categorized one of the most expensive and luxurious places to live in Rio, holding more than 10 high-end hotels which are respected in the Hospitality field around the world. Once in Rio, visitors cannot miss Copacabana and its amazing festivals along with its fireworks and exotic caravans filled with samba dancing citizens.




7) Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena's coastal view.

Cartagena’s coastal view.

Located in the Coast of Colombia, Cartagena enjoys of a traditional along with modern architecture across its area. Old town and Bocagrande are two of the main touristic spots to visit in the city, Old town carries with it many Hispanic architectonic sculptures and walls that have aged well throughout the years. These colonial buildings served as bases to watch the ocean from the mainland in prevention from pirate attacks back in the day. As previously mentioned, regardless of how old some of the monuments look, these have been modernized so much that even though in the outside they look old on the inside they could be stores or even restaurants which give tourists a great vibe of modern-colonial history. On Avenida Santander, visitors will find a great open-air bar that looks directly into the bay and by the northern part of the city, travelers could visit Café del Mar which offers top-quality Colombian coffee. Bocagrande in the other hand, is the modern part of the city, filled with hotels, crowded plazas, congested traffic and immersive shopping malls, Bocagrande is a change of looks for those who would like a more modern enjoyment in their trip. As visitors walk through the streets of either Old Town and Bocagrande, they’ll enjoy a wide array of colors and local vendors who sell every local sculpture or figurines to take back home to your family.

8) Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile,

Santiago de Chile, “Plaza de Armas”

Santiago de Chile located in South American is one of the sleeping giants when it comes to fun cities within South America. A city composed of Eastern European immigrants, Santiago is home to the finest wines in the world, tourists visit it every year just to try their unique wines. Another point of attraction for tourists is “Los Andes”, located on the Southern Hemisphere, this landscape of mountains and show is a great place to practice some ski and hiking. Lastly, just like any other South American city, Chile offers great food, not only on its restaurants but its streets vendors




9) Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico city Famous palace of fine art.

Mexico city Famous palace of fine art. “Palacio de Bellas Arte”

Named the global top destination to travel on 2017, Mexico City has attracted a lot of attention this past year by many tourists looking for warm weather and great food. The first thing visitors will notice once arriving in Mexico City will be its beautiful street/local art. From paints on the walls to contemporary’s galleries, Mexico City thrives with its art. Tourists can enjoy all this art while visiting Mexico’s hottest restaurants located in Mexico City, one of the best restaurants to visit that offer local Mexican food will be Pujol and Padella. At night the city changes, there’s always something to do in Mexico City for everyone in the family. The city offers all type of nightclubs like the famously known Zona Rosa or you can always party on the street at the Polanco District. Lastly, Mexico City offers a wide array of museums like Museo Nacional de Antropologia or the Interactive Economy museum, all related to Mexico’s history.


10) Cusco, Peru

Machu Picchu is Peru's most famous attraction.

Machu Picchu is Peru’s most famous attraction.

Cusco, one of the former Incan capitals in Peru, is located in Los Andes and his home to more than 350 thousand habitants. At 3,400 meters, Cusco is one of the hardest cities to get to by anything else but plane, so tourists always have to plan ahead their flights to reach it. The navel of the world, as it is called by its citizens, is built within its Inca temples and its ruins, making the city a great visiting point for many adventurers and Inca fanatics around the world. The city has many interest points to visit, Barrio de San Blas is a great spot to enjoy the local culture and monuments along with various carnivals organized throughout the year and its delicious local food. In addition, the city is key to get to important visiting locations in Peru, really close to Cusco we have the Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu, both located in Los Andes they give its tourists a rich mixture of history and astonishing views all together. Besides its amazing food, Cusco also offers its visitors The Cusquena beer, which is one of the best natural beer around the world.