Top 10 African Destinations


1) Cape Town, South Africa

Located at the southern point of the continent and referred to as the mother city Cape town is a blend of cultures and beautiful landscapes coming together. The famous table mountain national park is what defines the city, the garden route also highlights the beautiful city and the scenery. One can visit the Kirstenbosch gardens influenced by Europeans, which are filled with thousands of different plants and is often the host of many local concerts.

2) Marrakesh, Morocco

A city that will excite all your senses, Marrakesh is filled with markets, gardens and palaces. The city full of Artisan culture such as the Bahia palace and Dar Si Said, which are filled with intricate tile work and painted ceilings. Religion plays a vital part in the city life as you can hear morning prayers echo through the city from the large mosques. The city is an excellent example of amazing Islamic architecture and culture coming together to form an amazing experience

3) Accra, Ghana

Ghana’s largest city is host to amazing beaches, historical buildings, museums and galleries. The streets are filled with traditional markets, with an loud and cheerful night life. The architecture present in the city is strongly influenced by its colonial history as castles are still standing next to modern architecture. Accra is also host to parks such as the Aburi botanical gardens and nature reserves such as the Ankasa conservation area. The rapidly growing nation filled with colorful coastlines is quickly becoming a popular nation to visit in the African continent.

4) Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg has got something for everyone, from a the large city culture with shopping and night life. To outdoor adventures, wildlife reserves, encounters with some of mother natures beautiful animals as well as being host to key historical sites. There are many tours that take tourists to visit villages as well as taking them to Constitution Hill. The important historical site is an absolute must see as it is home to inspirational exhibitions.

5) Lagos, Nigeria

The largest city in Africa, Lagos is a booming metropolis being the financial capital of Nigeria. The city is named after the Portuguese word for lagoon, the city is host to a vast port filled with industrial activity. Lagos is renowned for its music and nightlife which are located in Yaba and Surulere however in recent years due to tourism more clubs are being established on Victoria island. The city maybe packed with people and bumper to bumper traffic, it is a place that certainly must be experienced.

6) Cairo, Egypt

An extravagant and very large city, Cairo is home to 22 million people that all call the city ‘Umm Ad Dunya”- the mother of the world. A popular tourist hub Cairo has plenty to offer such as a cruise up the river Nile which is a must for any tourist visiting the city. Of course a must see is the pyramids of Giza, which were made to honor King Cheops and his son Chephren. The largest of all the pyramids were built around 2650 BC with 2.5 million blocks of limestone to complete the structure. With plenty of museums to educate the public on ancient Egypt, it is a city filled with history and rich culture. Cairo is also host to many street markets where many unique items can be found at often very cheap prices.

7) Algiers, Algeria

Algiers makes a strong impression as the city is filled with beauty, despite its turbulent history. Located between the Mediterranean and steep hills, the true history of the city can be seen in its buildings. From large Mosques, Ottoman palaces to the Kasbah, a world heritage site and finally the city is littered with French colonial houses. With culture being the main theme of the city it has multiple attractions such as the Great mosque which is home to the world’s tallest minaret. Tourists can also bear witness to forts and museums which provide an insight on the country’s disruptive pase.

8) Lamu, Kenya

Lamu is host to amazing natural beauty as it has embraced travelers from all over for thousands of years. the amazing archipelago is filled with beaches, sand dunes and mangroves forests. The Swahili natives are mostly fishermen, builders and merchants, who still follow and pass down these aging trades. Lamu is host to multiple festivals throughout the year as well as being renowned for being a popular wildlife destination for tourists. With multiple islands to explore, each with unique culture and wildlife, one can get lost with the immense beauty of the archipelago.

9) Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis is city filled a rich history, with a combination of ancient and modern cultures, Tunis has been in controlled by Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, the Spanish and much more. The numerous amounts of colonization have influenced the city with a deep culture which is on display when you explore the city. The nation’s capital is an attractive destination for most which on average hosts 8 million tourists a year. Carthage once the home to Phoenicians and Romans is now the home to locals whom live among the ruins. An important Mediterranean location in its time, the ruins are not a world heritage site with multiple attractions. The country will surely be a pleasant blend of history and natural beauty.

10) Fez, Morocco

Fez is a beautiful imperial city filled with over centuries of Moroccan history. The city is the largest car-free area giving off a medieval atmosphere as donkey carts are used to transport goods to the street markets. The city is hosts to beautiful garden squares and amazing fountains, as you walk around the city you will be greeted with excellent cuisine. This city is filled with ancient art countless minarets and alleyways reveal artisans