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Flying private comes with many perks, from having a personal cabin with champagne to being able to play poker with your family while listening to your favorite playlist, but one of the most luxurious advantage is the availability to reach particular destinations that commercial flights are not able to reach. These luxurious touristic destinations are scattered all along the globe and could only be accessed by flying on a private charter flight.

Some of the most famous places that are accessed by private flights are:

Lanai Hawaii: Hawaii an almost inhabited island that offers tranquility and relaxation, offers great beaches, food and a plethora of different native cultures. The only way to travel there would be a private flight

“Lanai from Honouli Wai ● Richard Merlander ● Molokai, Hawaii” by Richard Merlander is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Necker Island: A 74-acre island located in the British Virgin Island, this destination offers a great mix of fall and summer along its crystal-clear beaches. Perfect for a getaway of a family trip. Let CharterWind escort you to this highly exclusive island.

Buzios Brazil: Coastal city full of life and parties, Buzios holds a vast lineup of restaurants and luxurious hotels to accommodate adventurers and tourists throughout the year. Buzios also offers traditional Brazilian festivals that travelers could take part of to enjoy local culture while feasting on traditional Brazilian food. CharterWind is more than happy to help you reach this amazing Brazilian get away.

“Buzios” by Jon Kristian Bernhardsen is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Explora Patagonia: Travelers will encounter a mix between wilderness and exoticism. Patagonia contains a vast paradise of mountains and waterfalls, along with its beautiful rivers. While in Patagonia, travelers will have the opportunity to meet with local culture and take tours to explore caves and waterfalls never seen before. Adventurers will also have the opportunity to explore the Torres del Paine National Park, this zone is filled with Glaciers and Mountains that contain a wide variety of animals to observe. Get in touch with nature with the help of CharterWind.

Maldives, Naladhu Island: Maldives or “Beautiful Island”, is found in South Asia, the archipelagic nation contains a unique geography and topography. The Maldives are composed of 26 natural atolls that are connected via small chain of islands. The palm covered island is a beautiful destination for family relaxation, not to mention it is a very popular demand. If you are interested in visiting the famous Maldives island contact CharterWind for guarantee hassle free booking.