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Passengers are more than welcome to bring their pets on charters.

In fact, it is a great benefit for your pets to fly on a private plane rather than a commercial flight because they have the advantage of flying on the main cabin right next to you, which reduces the chances of possible anxiety or traumatic experience for your pet. Make sure that your pet’s documentation and vaccines are up to date.  There are no size or breed regulations against pets, as long as they are a safe fit for the trip. Regulations for pets varies within countries, for example the following requirements are for pets that are flying within the United States.

  • Dogs and cats must be 8 weeks old
  • Animals must have been weaned
  • Require proof of rabies vaccination
  • Each State has specific Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

More and more airports in the UK and Europe now have endorsement to handle private jet flight with pets onboard. In fact, the UK government has a pet travel scheme which allows domestic pets to travel in and out the country without separation, as long as the rules met. Keep in mind that a fee may be charged if damages or messes occur on the aircraft. We highly suggest watching the amount of water your pet consumes hours before the flight and bringing along their favorite toy or blanket. CharterWind guarantees maximum comfort on your private charter for you and your four-legged friend.