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Private jet travel with your furry companions has never been easier or more comfortable. CharterWind, a premier luxury aviation company, understands the bond between you and your pet, ensuring a seamless travel experience that satisfies both parties.

When you choose to fly privately, you afford yourself and your pets numerous advantages over commercial flights. Unlike commercial airlines where pets are usually transported in the cargo hold, private jets allow pets to share the main cabin with their owners. This significantly reduces the stress and anxiety your pet may experience during travel, as the comforting proximity to you provides a sense of security and peace.

French Bulldog on private jet charter. traveling dog. happy travel dog on board airplane. luxury puppyAt CharterWind, we put safety first. The well-being of your pets is assured with less handling involved and a controlled environment that safeguards against temperature extremes, poor ventilation, and rough handling that could occur in a cargo area. Thus, while your pets are cosseted in the lap of luxury, you can relax, knowing they are in the best hands.

Flying privately with CharterWind offers convenience and flexibility, sidestepping many of the restrictions and complex procedures imposed by commercial airlines. While it’s important to ensure all necessary pet documentation and vaccinations are up to date, our pet policies are designed to be as accommodating as possible.

With an increasing number of airports, particularly in the United Kingdom and Europe, receiving endorsements to accommodate private jet flights with pets on board, and the UK government implementing a pet travel scheme, there has never been a better time to explore private jet travel with your pets.

However, as you take to the skies, remember that pet regulations can vary from one country to another. It’s necessary to abide by each country’s specific pet import laws, which may include necessary vaccinations, microchipping, or even quarantine periods in some cases. Regulations for pets vary within countries, for example, the following requirements are for pets that are flying within the United States.

  • Dogs and cats must be 8 weeks old
  • Animals must have been weaned
  • Require proof of rabies vaccination
  • Each State has specific Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

While our crew ensures a smooth journey for you and your pet, it’s essential to prepare your pet for the flight. Regular feeding and bathroom routines should be followed, and any potential health issues that could be affected by air travel should be addressed.

We also remind our pet-owning passengers to be mindful of potential damages or messes that may occur during the flight. While CharterWind is prepared for these scenarios, a fee may be applicable in such cases.

At CharterWind, we do more than just allow pets on board; we welcome them. Our private jets offer pet-friendly amenities including pet treats, comfy beds, and even gourmet meals. Each flight can be customized to cater to the unique needs of your pet, from specific dietary requirements to favorite toys or blankets.

Choose CharterWind for your private charter experience and ensure a luxurious, stress-free journey for both you and your beloved pets. We strive to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning travelers, promising an experience that is not just about reaching the destination, but enjoying the journey. So, why wait? Take to the skies with your four-legged companions with the help of CharterWind.