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The Italian luxury Tax or Salva Italia, is a Luxury Tax approved by the Italian parliament back in December 2012 that applies to private flights, these include business aircrafts and helicopters. This tax is applied to each passenger on the flight, and it is calculated as follows If you plan to fly to or from Italian territory:

Flights from 0km-1500km=100 Euros per person per leg

Flights over 1500km=200 Euros per person per leg

Please not that flights WITHIN Italy are also subjected to the Italian luxury tax apart from Italian VAT. As a result, a flight Milan-Roma performed with an Italian aircraft will be subject to Italian Luxury tax for the number of passengers onboard as well as Italian VAT. This tax applies only to aircraft registered in Italy. The cost of the of all taxes will always appear on your CharterWind invoice.

For Examples see below:

  • A One Way flight between Milan and Paris with five passengers onboards will include 500 EUR as part of Italian Luxury Tax.
  • A roundtrip flight from Miami to Rome with two passengers on board would cost 800 EUR in taxes.



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