Private Flights take dining options to new heights. Offering diverse menus and an extensive selection of alcoholic beverages and wines. Unlike commercial flights, private jets offer the passenger a plethora of options when it comes to dinning. The food offered to the clients is ultimately chosen by them. This gives the passengers a sense of fun and creativity, while on a private flight, the combinations of different plates are possible. Ranging from steaks and exquisite sea food, to fresh and colorful vegetables. To make everything run smoothly, a menu is always sent in advance to the customers, so they prepare and customize their plates with the best catered food even before boarding the plane. On the other hand, private jets also offer full bar, soft drinks and various snacks to satisfy the customer’s needs. Each plane is equipped with its own bar and may even include a specialized bartender to attend the customer’s order of mixed drinks, and if by any chance the customer feels the need to brinf their own, they are more than welcome to do so.


The food options range from your typical grilled cheese sandwich or a cheese pizza , to an exotic and exquisite shrimp cocktail or caviar. The customer has the chance to choose from cold and hot items to please their urges. The menu contains a variety and carefully selected array of meats, going from succulent Lobster and tender fillet Mignon to pork chops and Fried chicken. Of course, the vegetables and gluten free foods are also included on the dining options; plates like Grilled Asparagus with quinoa and Oriental Stir-Fried veggies are also an important part of a private jets menu. Lastly, the customer will have the option to select the sweetest desserts, Rice Pudding, chocolate covered strawberries and Cheesecake are some of the many offered by Private Flights. Vegan and gluten free options can always be granted upon request, along with halal and kosher.


Private jets offer a wide variety of drinks, premium wines, soft drinks, champagne, cider, beers and rums are always offered by our catering experts on board. The customer has the freedom to ask for mixed drinks to satisfy their cravings as well as the ability to obtain whole bottles of wines if that’s what they wish for.

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“Southwestern Breakfast Pizza Red Ball Jet Cafe November 04, 20101” by Steven Depolo is licensed under CC BY 2.0