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At CharterWind, we strive to make sure that our customers experience a luxurious flight. We value our passengers’ time and comfort; with that in mind we are confident that we are going to make booking your flight hassle-free. When booking your private charter jet, you have the luxury to decide what location is more convenient for you to arrive and depart from. When requesting a quote, we often suggest airports that best fit your destination. Most major cities have their own executive airports, which makes it easy for passengers to arrive and avoid the loads of people and busy airport traffic. Although it is common to use a major airport, we recommend smaller executive airports for the expediency of our customers.

In order for a private aircraft to land or depart through an airport, it has to go through a Fixed-Based Operator also known as FBO. An FBO implies to any special services for private jets at an airport. These special services include fueling, aircraft maintenance, VIP lounges, or any type of facilities that contributes to the flight crew, passengers, and aircrafts. Some FBOs include lobbies and restaurant facilities, some may even have showers for the long-distance travelers. Apart from the amenities at the FBOs, a quick and easy security and immigration check will take place. Because of FBOs, travelers have the luxury of arriving at the airport and park right next to their aircraft, it is also recommended to arrive 30 to 15 minutes before departure.

If you have any questions regarding which airport to arrive or depart from, or questions regarding FBO services, please do not hesitate to contact CharterWind.