1) Sydney

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts center at Sydney Harbor.

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts center at Sydney Harbor.

When people bring up Australia the first city that pops into their minds is Sydney. Considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world it has plenty to offer for tourists that come throughout the year. Being one of the most culturally diverse cities within Australia it has plenty to offer in terms culture, history and entertainment. The pictures harbor is a favorite for tourists and during new year’s eve the Harbor bridge is a spectacle as fireworks are set on the bridge itself. The famous Bondi beach is a must see, a must is also the Bondi to Coogee walk, a coastal walk spanning across the two beaches. With plenty of national parks as well, Sydney has got something for everyone when they come visit. A quick drive from the city center is the Blue Mountains national park. A vast rich forest with steep cliffs with villages and guesthouses littered around the area. There are many bush walking trails that can be done around the region. The park is also home to scenic tours, with skyway cable cars and the worlds steepest train that can take you up the mountains to a spectacular view.



2) Great Barrier Reef

Clown fish playing with the corals in the Great Barrier Reef.

Clown fish playing with the corals in the Great Barrier Reef.

One of the most beautiful destinations Australia has to offer the Great barrier reef is the largest reef system in the world. Its total size of the reef is approximately half the size of the state of Texas. With plenty of dive sites across the reef it is an excellent opportunity to witness the great natural beauty the reef has to offer. Along with many islands littered across the length of the reef, it is a tropical paradise waiting to be explored. Hamilton island is host to multiple diving spots and is the most popular island along the reef, with beautiful white beaches and tropical climate it is the perfect island destination. The reef is also host to many sailing tours as well as marvelous air tours. On these air tours the sheer size of the reef can be appreciated as well as its beauty.




3) Great Ocean Road

The infamous extensive ocean side road, that is the Great Ocean Road

The infamous extensive ocean side road, that is the Great Ocean Road

Located in Victoria, it is one of the most picturesque touring routes in the world. With the coast littered with towns and beaches there’s plenty to do. One of the most unique traits about the road is the magnificent 12 apostles, amazing rock formations of the coast that rise from the ocean. With multiple sites along the road such as the Great Otway national park and London arch, one can travel this road for days on end. Other activities on the road include popular surfing spots, protected wildlife reserves as well as visit beautiful water falls such as Mackenzie falls.




4) Tasmania

The bright blue water of the Tasmanian beach.

The bright blue water of the Tasmanian beach.

The isolated island south of the mainland is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. With most of the islands natural reserves being protected by the government it has stunning natural beauty, with beaches, waterfalls and forests to explore. The island is also home to remarkable cave structures, as well as rivers which can be explored through a cruise service. The capital city of Hobart has many restaurants to offer with plenty of local culture to absorb. Vineyards are plentiful in the state hosting some of the best wines Australia has to offer.




5) Adelaide

The beautiful greenery of Adelaide, with the St. Peter's Cathedral.

The beautiful greenery of Adelaide, with the St. Peter’s Cathedral.

The very relaxed city Adelaide is also known to be the “City of Churches”, however it has plenty more to offer. With many riverboat tours on hand throughout one can rest east while having lunch on a Murray River cruise. Adelaide has plenty of museums on hand as well for tourists to absorb in the culture. The most popular time of the year however is during the month of March where festivals and events take over the city. The Adelaide central market is a popular destination for travelers and the Adelaide botanic garden. Tourists can also take a tour of Kangaroo island, south of Adelaide and witness its magnificent rock formations.




6) Melbourne

Drone view of Melbourne's downtown area.

Drone view of Melbourne’s downtown area.

The second largest city after Sydney, Melbourne is considered to be the be the staple of culture within Australia. Melbourne has plenty of art galleries and has a huge music scene. Due to its multicultural nature there are plenty of cuisines on offer with the city having a ‘hipster’ atmosphere. Throughout the city European influences are evident as seen at Flinders street station. A small walk from the city center is the beautiful botanic gardens home to more than 8000 plant species it truly is an oasis. For sport fans the MCG is the largest stadium in Australia, home to Cricket, NRL and AFL matches. Hosier lane is one of Melbourne’s most unique attractions, a pathway lined with street art spanning the length of the lane, a must see for all tourists!



7) Brisbane

Brisbane's bayside view during a gorgeous sunset

Brisbane’s bayside view during a gorgeous sunset

The third largest city on the east coast Brisbane is located in the sunshine state of Queensland. A town with amazing weather year round it has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor activities. With Biking, climbing, hiking as well as canoeing. Many tourists stop by to kick their feet up before heading off to beaches to the north and south of the city. Brisbane is also home to Sea world an aquatic theme park home to beautiful dolphins and other amazing animals. An hour train ride from Brisbane is the “Gold Coast” a coast town also very popular with tourists. Brisbane is a must see for those who love outdoor activities and those who love a thrill!




8) Perth

Downtown Area of Perth, Australia.

Downtown Area of Perth, Australia.

Head over towards the other side of Australia on the west coast and you will find the capital of Western Australia Perth. Although isolated from the rest of the nation, the city still has plenty to offer in terms of tourist attractions. Only 12 miles from the city itself, Rottnest island is filled with coral reefs tropical fish and historical buildings. It is also home to the famous mammal the quokka known for being the happiest animal in the world. The region is also littered with urban villages and vineyards. Even though far away from the hustle and bustle of the east coast Perth can still keep up as a top tourist site.




9) Uluru National Park

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The world famous rock formation is the most unique tourist attraction in Australia. Besides from Uluru, the national park has other rock formations such as Kata Tijuta are amazing to explore. The National park is owned by the native Anangu Aboriginal people, it is a great site for tourists to enrich themselves in Aboriginal culture. There are plenty of camel tours on offer around the beautiful region. Locals also offer camping trips around the rock which becomes home to magnificent sunsets and sunrises. With plenty of bushwalks, bike rides and tours to enjoy, the beauty of the park is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.





10) Canberra

The Famous hot air balloons of Canberra.

The Famous hot air balloons of Canberra.

Canberra is one of Australia Largest cities, the territory is enriched with deep Australian History. The annual Floriade attracts garden experts and flower lovers from around the world. The Australian parliament house is an excellent example of modern architecture. There are plenty of free tours on offer throughout the building and tourists are also given the opportunity to watch question time while parliament is in session. The house also has art galleries and small museum section to educate visitors on the history of the house. One of Canberra’s popular attraction sites is the Cockington green gardens and Lake Burley Griffin, where you can enjoy a variety of water activities like Kayaking, Yachting, windsurfing and of course hot air Ballooning, which is MUST-DO in Canberra. This gorgeous city is a fun sight for families to explore as the buildings are all replicas of famous world sites.